Teaching Our Colonial Heritage

History’s Kids Director Lisa Jillani and group members were recently featured in an award-winning video on CharlotteViewpoint.org.  Filmmaker/Artist/Author Donald Devet produced the excellent short film. To view the video, please click the photo above. Devet’s full article and film can be seen here.

History's Kids Club members on a field trip to the Schiele Museum in Gastonia, NC. To learn more about the Club, please go to the Club page.

History’s Kids is a Charlotte-based group that focuses on educating  children about our colonial heritage. The group holds classes, and club members take day trips to explore Piedmont history and demonstrate 18th century lifeways. Founder Lisa Jillani is a reenactor with over 20 years of experience in 18th century costuming, cooking, crafts, and the backcountry lifestyle.

History’s Kids aims to make classes fun and affordable while engaging children in activities that connect them to their heritage. Classes are usually kept small to encourage participation and offer personal attention, so please sign up early.

After looking at the class schedule & expectations page, please contact Lisa at ljillani@carolina.rr.com if you have questions.