The History’s Kids Club consists of a group of young living history interpreters who have been part of the Piedmont reenactment community for several years. Club members attend monthly meetings and go on regular educational field trips throughout the school year. We are not a play group, but are serious about backcountry lifeways interpretation.

(Please note: I am not trained to work with children with special needs. This is not meant to be exclusionary, but is in the best interests of the child and the group.)

Who are History’s Kids?

We are a dedicated group of young people who believe that history doesn’t have to be boring! We portray the average young person growing up in backcountry North Carolina. We learn skills that our forefathers would have used in their daily lives. As junior living history interpreters, we visit various historic sites where we demonstrate the skills we have learned. On occasion, we perform before various audiences.

How can you be a part of History’s Kids?

Our group has a maximum number of 12 children so that each child can get individual attention. The age level is 7th to 12th grade (basically, age 13-18). Once a child graduates high school, they are equipped with skills that will allow them to work or volunteer at historic sites, knowing they have the ability to demonstrate 18th century lifeways with confidence.

How much does it cost to be a part of History’s Kids?

Currently, the fee is $50 a year. This includes the cost of all supplies used in the skills classes, as well as expert instruction in 18th century lifeways skills. Each child must provide their own period correct costume that has been approved by the group’s director and assembled under her guidance. Period authenticity is strictly enforced, and you may not attend History’s Kids activities unless in full costume.

Where do you perform lifeways skills?

History’s Kids are regularly invited to demonstrate at various historic sites in North and South Carolina, such as the Andrew Jackson State Park, Fort Dobbs French & Indian War site, Rural Hill, The Charlotte Museum of History, as well as many other sites. These sites understand the high level of expertise that History’s Kids maintain, as well as knowing that these kids are mature and respectful.

Where does History’s Kids meet?

We currently meet on the first Sunday of every month, September through May, from 2pm-4pm at the director’s house in Mint Hill, NC, unless it conflicts with a holiday. Although we meet only once a month (in order to respect the schedules of all involved), this should not indicate that we do not take our group’s mission seriously.

What is expected of History’s Kids members?

In order to join our organization, a child must be respectful, polite, attentive, have a willingness to speak before the group, and have a very high level of commitment to the group (part of what this entails is that, in light of a conflicting event, the History’s Kids event should take precedence unless a prior arrangement has been made with the director of History’s Kids. This does not mean that you cannot belong to other groups). Tardiness and excessive absences from meetings for any reason other than sickness or family emergency indicate that membership in History’s Kids is not a priority and will be terminated for the following year. A high level of attention to safety rules is mandatory, and all missteps in this area will be reported to the child’s parent. It is expected that the parent will address and take seriously any missteps in the area of safety.

Can I earn community service credit through History’s Kids?

Yes. This is an excellent way to fulfill any community service credits that your school might require. Log sheets are kept for each child, and the director will write a letter of reference for any member who requests one. Please keep in mind that letters of reference are not “fudged,” so it is important that a History’s Kid show exemplary service to the group in order to receive a complimentary letter.

How do I join History’s Kids?

Contact the director of History’s Kids, Lisa Jillani, at  You and a parent will be expected to come for an interview lasting approximately 30 minutes. During this interview, you will be presented with all the information you would need to determine if this is the group for you. If you decide you would like to join History’s Kids, cash or a check for $50 is due before the first meeting in September. You will also need to fill out a short application. Please note that the Club program runs from September through May (although there may be some extra activities in the summer). No one may join once the school year has begun. If you must drop out of the Club for any reason, no refund is available.

It is not necessary to be a Club member in order to take History’s Kids classes. It is also not necessary to take History’s Kids classes to be part of the Club, but it is strongly encouraged if you are new to the group. If you have questions that have not been answered here, please email Lisa Jillani at