Attendance Rules.

This is a lot to read, but since some of your kids may never have taken a class with me, I want you to know what to expect. Those of you who know me know I’m “old school” in that I expect kids to be respectful to me and those in class. Due to the type of classes I teach, horseplay is not permitted, mainly due to safety concerns. I don’t get harsh with kids, but I am firm if need be, and a discipline problem will result in not being able to enroll in any future classes. So far, I have not had a problem, but I want us to be on the same page with what to expect.

Some classes for the older kids involve working with fire and sharp objects. If you feel that your child would not function safely in these situations, please do not enroll them. When a class involves fire or sharp objects (i. e., cooking classes), a waiver must be signed on the day of class. All attempts will be made to keep your child safe, but they, too, share in this responsibility.

For now, I will be holding the classes at my house. All classes are drop-off only unless there is only one child in the class. Please know that I will never hold a class where I am alone with a child. I know this may be a concern for parents, as it would be for me. I will cancel a class if there is less than a minimum enrollment.  Safety is my 1st concern always.

Also, please be aware that I always start on time (according to the time on my watch). Arriving late will mean your child will have missed part of the class, as I cannot go back over what they missed.

Payment is due the day you register or your child will not be considered as enrolled (this prevents people from enrolling  and backing out at the last minute; thus, potentially keeping out someone who wanted to take the class). There are no refunds unless I must cancel a class (no exceptions). If your child must miss a class, you may give your spot to someone else for the same class.