History's Kids

Lisa Jillani teaching daughter Madison 18th century knitting techniques.

If your child has benefitted from the History’s Kids educational activities, please share your comments with us by emailing ljillani@carolina.rr.com.


“I’ve had the pleasure of studying under Ms. Lisa for four years. She’s given me an excellent background in 18th century life and many opportunities to use that knowledge in reenactments. I’ve learned so much, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of the experience.” — Elizabeth Tate

“The applesauce we made in the colonial cooking class was better than what you can buy in the grocery store!” — Sophia Sepulveda

“We just found your website and are thrilled with what you are doing. In a nutshell…WOW!” — Sheila O.

“I really liked how you had us complete different projects this year.  Working on the mittens and housewife not only allowed me to add to my kit, but I also got to keep up with my sewing skills and complete something that I was proud of.I also think field trips are fun and interesting.  I know I always learn something new when I go on a field trip, and I enjoy going to new places as well.I only wish more kids would do something like this — they’re missing out on a very worthwhile use of their time!” — Caroline W.